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Buying online tickets for events to cost lesser

Entertainment Dubai 28 Feb 23
Buying online tickets for events to cost lesser
Dubai: Ticket prices for events to drop as emirate waives 10% charge.
Event Location
Dubai, Dubai
Start Time
28 February 2023, 12:00 AM
End Time
31 March 2023, 12:00 AM

Event organisers and audiences are set to save big eith Dubai's new decree on eLicensing and eTicketing— as the city will no longer be collecting its 10 per cent charge from ticket sales. Industry experts say tickets to shows, events, and concerts are expected to drop, thanks to this resolution.

Under the new provisions, Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism has waived the collection of 10 per cent of the actual or estimated value of a ticket sold, or up to Dh10 per guest. However, it will continue to levy the fees for an annual subscription to the e-Permit and e-Ticketing system.

Marco Fraschetti, an event expert at Artistic and Cultural Content Consulting, who has been organising various events throughout the country believes that such amendments will position Dubai as a pioneer in organising events.

“The basic cost of an entertainment event in Dubai starts at Dh500,000 including fees for artists and other related requirements. A 10 per cent discount is a huge sum of money saved on organising big-scale events. Also, the audience can save money when buying tickets online,” said Marco.

Many industry experts said that this will raise their profitability of them. “We will save a lot of money on some events. If we price our ticket at Dh30 for an event, thousands of people attend it, and more people and families will attend cultural events,” said Shyam Tirumalasetty, sales manager at Aaren World Media and Advertising LLC.

Talking about the licensing fees, Tirumalasetty said, "An entertainment event could cost about Dh5,000, with all the required equipment."

The new Decree is among a series of resolutions issued by the ruler aimed at raising Dubai’s economic competitiveness, creating a pro-growth business environment, and further raising standards across sectors.

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