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Dubai's Global Village announces wonder rides

Entertainment Dubai 26 Oct 22
Dubai's Global Village announces wonder rides
Dubai's Global Village announces 'wonder rides' - taxis from around the world.
Event Location
Global village, Dubai
Start Time
26 October 2022, 12:00 AM
End Time
30 November 2022, 12:00 AM

This year, Global Village brings together 27 pavilions, over 3,500 shopping outlets and more than 250 restaurants, cafes, and street food options. Featuring 40,000 shows, guests can experience a new line-up of some of the world’s best performers, famous characters, world-class concerts, street entertainment and the region’s only water-based stunt show.

Qatar and Oman will have their own pavilions this season, taking the total number to 27.

Global Village is bringing a unique fleet of some of the world’s most recognisable and iconic cars to the streets of Dubai. The ‘wonder rides’ feature taxis from New York, Cuba, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, and Lebanon.

The attraction will invite guests to enjoy back-seat themed challenges, inspired by the host country of each cab. Anyone who spots one of the wonder rides can take a photo, post it on their social media channels, tag #WonderRides and stand a chance to win prizes.

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