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Dubai beachgoers warned over complacency

Corona Update Dubai 18 Jun 20
Dubai beachgoers warned over complacency
Dubai Health Authority (DHA) latest advisory asked to follow safety rules when you hit the beach because "Covid-19 is still around and we cannot drop our guard, just yet."
Event Location
Dubai , Dubai
Start Time
18 June 2020, 12:00 AM
End Time
30 June 2020, 12:00 AM

Public health officials issued guidelines on how to stay safe at the beach as more people head to the coast to cool off amid scorching temperatures.

Swimmers have been reminded to keep their distance from others, despite restrictions easing on compulsory facemarks when outside.

Police issued hundreds of fines in June to those ignoring rules, while 200 beachgoers were fined in just one day when beaches reopened at the end of May.

Wearing face masks is mandatory, but beachgoers may take them off when they're in the water. Gloves are not necessary in open beaches; however, they must be worn at parks and closed areas.

Security patrols deployed at the beaches of Dubai will issue warnings to anyone found flouting strict rules in place to control further infections.

Drones are also used to check residents are complying with health and safety measures in place in beaches and parks.

Dr Badria Al Harmi, director of public health protection department at the DHA called for vigilance as the coronavirus pandemic remained a threat.

“When it comes to the beach, while we do not need to wear a mask in the water, it is important to maintain social distance of ideally two metres even when you are in the water,” she said.

“At the beach, find a spot where you are maintaining a social distance from others, keep your mask on, do not fidget with the mask and wear it properly.

“Always keep a few spare masks in a sealed bag."

She said hands should be sanitised before putting on a new mask.

She added that people should only rely on official sources for information. Those who have any questions can call the following numbers: DHA call centre - 800 342, Estijaba service at the operation center, Department of Health - 8001717 or Ministry of Health & Prevention - 80011111.

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