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The Contingency Contracting Summit, Dubai

Conference Dubai 27 Jun 18 09:00 AM
The Contingency Contracting Summit, Dubai
For organizations wanting to compete for and win US government contracts in the Middle East and Africa (MEA), join The Contingency Contracting (C²) Summit, Dubai from 26th to 28th june 2018 at Marriott.
Rate before May 31, 2018: USD 975
Event Location
Marriott, Al Jadaf, Dubai
Start Time
27 June 2018, 09:00 AM
End Time
28 June 2018, 12:45 PM

When many companies hear the term ‘Corporate Governance', their initial response is that "it's a necessary evil in the contemporary world of U.S. government contracting".

Some may even view its objectives as an impediment to efficient operations, just slowing down the process with hurdles. When the concept is fully understood, however, it readily becomes obvious that a robust corporate compliance program creates an economic advantage for the company.

An effective corporate governance program can illustrate to business prospects and the government that a company is committed to abiding by the law and regulations when receiving and performing contracts with U.S. taxpayer money.

To enhance corporate governance with laws and regulations there exists an increasing willingness by the government to hold the prime contractor vicariously liable for the misconduct of the subcontractor.

This is typically accomplished by requiring prime contractors and subs to certify their compliance. A false certification by either the prime or the subcontractor may result in criminal, civil or administrative action.

This approach has stimulated a renewed focus on corporate governance on all contractors in the chain of contract performance

The Contingency Contracting C²Summitt 2018 will provide attendees with practical details of how they can establish and leverage a robust compliance program to their economic advantage.

The Summit is an unparalleled event that will provide attendees with the opportunity to gain important insights and establish relationships that will facilitate everyone's objective of leveraging resources to accomplish corporate and government objectives in an efficient and profitable manner.

Speakers: Vinson Elkins LLP, Varsha Manpower, Sam McCahon Law Group, Central Command ( CENTCOM) / Office of Under Secretary of Defense (OUSD) Human Resource Activity (DHRA), US Forces - Afghanistan

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