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Quit Smoking Seminar

Conference Dubai 19 May 18 10:00 AM
Quit Smoking Seminar
Quit smoking / Quit Vaping / Quit Shisha seminar to be held on 19th May at Hilton Creek.
Seminar ticket - AED 795.0.
Event Location
Hilton Dubai Creek, Baniyas Road, Dubai
Start Time
19 May 2018, 10:00 AM
End Time
19 May 2018, 03:00 PM

Our highly successful quit smoking and quit vaping seminars are now in the UAE.

We understand that you know all the health hazards associated with smoking. This may cause you stress, which in turn leads to you smoking more!

That's why our seminars don't focus on the reasons why you shouldn't be smoking. Instead, we focus on the reasons you do smoke, and why you find it hard to quit.

Our seminars have helped thousands of people quit in the UK. We keep the number of people on each seminar to about 10 people so that we can give you individual attention. We also offer free advice and post-seminar support. We pride ourselves by providing you with a genuinely personal service.

We understand that you're strong willed and confident, but when it comes to quitting, you find it hard. Our seminars make it easy for you to quit, with a relapse prevention session that should keep you smoke-free forever.

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