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Arab Media Forum 2023 to set norms for AI in media

Conference Dubai 29 Sep 23
Arab Media Forum 2023 to set norms for AI in media
UAE: Arab Media Forum 2023 in Dubai to set norms for Artificial Intelligence in media.
Event Location
Dubai, Dubai
Start Time
29 September 2023, 12:00 AM
End Time
31 October 2023, 12:00 AM

The upcoming Arab Media Forum 2023 to be held in Dubai this week will set norms for the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in media, explore the role of AI in fighting fake news, empowering Arabic language and elevating the profile of Arab media.

This has been revealed by a top official of the Dubai Press Club, which organises the annual forum.

Between September 26 and 30, the Arab Media Forum 2023 will see over 75 sessions featuring 130 speakers and the participation of 160 media organisations. The forum will explore cutting-edge media trends, share inspiring success stories and discuss a new vision for charting a bright future for the Arab world’s media.

Dr Maitha Buhumaid, director of Dubai Press Club, said the forum will see the launch of an AI media guideline report in collaboration with the UAE Ministry of Artificial Intelligence.
Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, will deliver a speech and highlight the role of AI in the media, she said.

Earlier this year, the ministry launched a comprehensive guide on the utilisation of generative AI applications. The “Generative AI” guide serves as a valuable resource for government entities, enabling them to leverage the benefits of AI technologies and enhance their implementation across various fields.

Sessions at the forum will also shed light on the media’s role in fighting fake news and deepfake videos using AI.

“We also talk about traditional journalism, social media platforms and the need to embrace digitalisation. We are working with media entities to transform, become more tech-savvy and be more digital-friendly, yet not to forget the important [media] stream, that is the newspaper,” said Dr Buhumaid.

Multiple sessions will explore topics related to advanced technologies, including AI’s role in enhancing the capabilities of Arab media, the sector’s preparedness to integrate AI technologies and the AI-powered automation of media functions. Minister Al Olama will also participate in a panel discussion on ‘MetaTech: The Future Gateway.’

Additionally, the Forum will push for the use of Arabic language in AI tools to make those tools accessible to a wider group of Arabic-speaking users in the region.
In keeping with the forum’s accent on how technology is shaping the future of media, the opening day features a dialogue titled ‘AI and the Future of Arabic Drama’ with artists from across the Arab world lending their perspectives.

New topics woven into the event’s fabric this year also reflect a renewed focus on the future of drama and film production in the Arab region, with one session deliberating on ways of restoring Arab drama to its former glory in terms of reach and impact.

The second day will see a session titled ‘AI: The New Frontier for Cinema’. The discussion will delve into what AI portends for films, actors and scriptwriters and how such technologies could ultimately enhance creative storytelling.

The organisers have also announced that ahead of AMF, the inaugural Youth Media Forum (YMF) will be held on Day Zero on September 25.

The one-day event will offer a series of sessions that include panel discussions and workshops led by experts from international media organisations. The forum will focus on key factors that drive excellence in today’s evolving media landscape.

Dr Buhumaid said around 200 students from various universities across the region have been handpicked to attend the Forum.

A brainstorming session in a “Dubai Lab” will be held to hear from Gen Z. “What is the best medium that they want to get the news through, and to interact with media personnel? What would be the best way to bridge the gap between us and Gen Z? We will discuss all that.”

Dr Buhumaid said the Youth Media Forum aims to come up with ways to upskill the students to help them find jobs in the media industry more easily.

“It will have workshops and masterclasses from international platforms like Netflix and TikTok. We will share some inspirational talks to motivate the participating students. We are also looking at some initiatives that would help everyone in that age group across the region.”

Netflix will participate in a masterclass titled ‘The Media Forum for Youth on Storytelling through Films and Digital Platforms’, while TikTok will present a masterclass on ‘How to Kickstart Your TikTok Career’.

With more workshops and masterclasses addressing the Arab youth, Dr Buhumaid said the Youth Forum will continue to be an annual feature of the AMF.

Arab Media Forum 2023

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