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COP28 Presidency, Dubai Cares join hands to host summit

Conference Dubai 25 Jan 23
COP28 Presidency, Dubai Cares join hands to host summit
COP28 Presidency, Dubai Cares join hands to host summit with focus on climate action education.
Event Location
Dubai, Dubai
Start Time
25 January 2023, 12:00 AM
End Time
28 February 2023, 12:00 AM

The incoming Presidency of the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Dubai Cares have agreed to partner on a suite of climate education outcomes on the sidelines of COP28 which will take place at Expo City Dubai from November 30 to December 12.

The announcement was made on the sidelines of the 2023 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Recognising the importance of integrating climate and education as key drivers for a sustainable and prosperous future, Dubai Cares will support the efforts of COP28 by convening climate and education stakeholders from around the world to unify efforts towards a common vision.

Dubai Cares will host the second edition of the RewirEd Summit, the global education cooperation platform, in conjunction with the global climate summit with a focus on climate action education and approaches this year.

This will also lead a global preparatory process from now until the summit to mobilise public and private actors around new policy, financing, and technology outcomes that both equip learners for the net-zero economy and enhance accessibility and resilience in the education sector.

Majid Al Suwaidi, Director General of COP28 said, “Climate change is the defining challenge of our era. It is essential for us to empower our youth and society with the knowledge and skills to become changemakers and contribute to meaningful action.”

“We welcome this partnership with Dubai Cares, to connect with diverse stakeholders, create capacity-building opportunities and mobilse a concerted drive for inclusive climate progress.”

COP28 Dubai Cares summit

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