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Laugh-a-thon with Zakir Khan

Comedy Nad Al Sheba 07 Feb 20 19:00 PM
Laugh-a-thon with Zakir Khan
Are you ready to rumble? - catch one of India’s best Stand-up Comedian- Zakir Khan perform at Meraki Theatre, NCLS on 7th February
Event Location
Meraki Theatre, NCLS, Dubai
Nad Al Sheba
Start Time
07 February 2020, 07:00 PM
End Time
07 February 2020, 12:00 AM

Here is your chance to catch one of India’s best Stand-up Comedian- Zakir Khan headline the latest Laugh-a-thon show in Dubai on 7th February

Grab your tickets before they’re sold out and end the weekend on a high note.

A self-proclaimed 'confused Desi', Zakir Khan is a brilliant comic whose take on life will have you laughing, nodding and clapping along.

Dubai show is a dive into all Zakir’s shenanigans where he shares stories about being very consistently careless. He will talk about how it always lands him in tough circumstances that would otherwise be butter easy.

The show is called ‘Survival Instinct’ because now he has evolved into a higher species by adapting to his own flaw of being supremely low on conscientiousness. It’s basically him showing off at how good he is in moonwalking his way out of situations which he is to blame for.

Some of these events have occurred while he was watching a movie at the cinemas and one is from a time he was on a train to Delhi. Being a pro in this genre, Zakir also shares idiosyncrasies of couples, and mannerisms of young love.

The well-known face of Indian Stand-up Comedy is back with his cockiest material. If you miss this, the loss is real.

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