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Virtue Cafe

Children, Workshops Karama 12 Aug 16 17:00 PM
Virtue Cafe
Virtue Cafe is a chance to invite the potential of youth onto the world stage and to create an opportunity for all of us to explore, express; exchange values in a creative, meaningful way that resonates with our generation. Join us from 5pm to 6pm on 12th August 2016.
Event Location
Raja Yoga Centre, Shop No. 27, Shaikh Rashid Building, Dubai
Start Time
12 August 2016, 05:00 PM
End Time
12 August 2016, 06:00 PM

We are a medley of youth ages 12-35 who have joined together on common ground to be the change we want to see in the world. We have split this group to two: 12-20 years, 21-35 years. The session for each group is held every alternative month.

Through our own personal journeys, we have savored the joy of coming home to something deeper and more beautiful within. But we have also discovered the magic that happens when we share our journeys. By exchanging experiences with each other, our inspiration to awaken and serve the world amplifies.

Many of us have worked with young people from varied backgrounds, we discovered that with so many of us, there is a natural curiosity to understand who we are and what we have to give to this world.

Course Objectives
Inner Discovery: Through reflections, journaling, conversations, lectures, and service projects, we provide activities that allow us to tap our intrinsic goodness and discover the resources of talents and values within us

Positive Actions: Through our programs, we encourage each other to exercise the power to choose our daily thoughts, words and actions and to benefit from the self-respect that comes from decisions seeded by honesty, love, respect, courage, etc.

Community: We create spaces where youth and young adults can share experiences and commune with others who are aspiring to be agents of change in their communities

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