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SME World Summit 2019

Business DIFC 14 Mar 19 09:00 AM
SME World Summit 2019
SME World Summit, UAE's most inspiring celebration of entrepreneurship, to be held at The Ritz Carlton on 14th March 2019.
Event Location
The Ritz Carlton, Dubai
Start Time
14 March 2019, 09:00 AM
End Time
14 March 2019, 06:00 PM

SME World summit has established itself as the UAE’s most inspiring celebration of entrepreneurship since its launch in 2013. Its prominence, prestige and quality led to attracting over 7,000 entrepreneurs from the region. From new trends to market challenges and thriving opportunities, our insightful entrepreneur speakers deliver a unique perspective and solution-oriented talks that leave our audience inspired and ignited.

“Small and medium sized enterprises make 85% of our total economy, which positions them as market leaders and trend setters. Whilst promoting employment opportunities and contributing to the economy, SMEs are also important instigators of change in the region’s business-dominant economy. Dubai, and the UAE in general, have adopted several exemplary strategies to stimulate economic growth, and to encourage innovation and talent acquisition in nearly every industry. The sole motive of this summit is to inspire our SMEs to grow globally and lead the change in times to come.

Designed and conceptualized by SPI Greatsands group we believe that the SME sector in the UAE has grown fourfold over the last few years and transformed itself into an ambitious and a competitive one. With the onset of technological advancement and digitalization, this year we wanted to explore the depths and intricacies of building a great business in today’s world. Our aim is to provide a platform to those who’ve changed the course of business operations in the country to share their knowledge and inspire others who might either use their expertise to grow, or who might partner with the leaders and accelerate their growth. We are confident that by allowing our delegates and well-known international business enthusiasts to interact and exchange ideas, SME World 2019 will become an important milestone in UAE’s SME operations.”

SME World Summit 2019

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