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Seven Seas Boats & Yachts Rental LLC

Office No. #412, 4rth Floor, Pinnacle Building, Dubai +971526418679 https://sevenseasdubai.com/
Seven Seas Passenger Fishing offer fishing boats and yacht rental services in Dubai, so that people who are looking for fun time fishing in Dubai, can rent the boat for fishing.
Seven Seas Passenger Fishing Boats rental is the one-stop solution for anyone looking to rent a fishing boat for fun time fishing in Dubai. We, at Seven Seas, make it an adventure on the sea, as apart from deep sea fishing, it is our passion that has allowed us to serve customers successfully for the past 18 years.

We offer more than just renting a boat for fishing, we offer a sense of utter bliss being in the open sea, while you enjoy the cool sea breeze, your mind automatically gets transported into a vacation mode. To make your fishing trip all the more thrilling, we offer what you require, a one-of-a-kind experience in deep sea fishing in Dubai. What's more, you don't have the hassle of carrying your fishing accessories with you, as we provide everything in our fishing boats.

We offer special equipment and products for those Dubai fishing enthusiasts who take finding a big catch seriously. We offer deep fishing in the real sense of the word. You will be surprised with the variety of fishes you catch. Unlike as the case with other companies, we take you much further from the shores of Dubai sea, leaving shallow waters far behind, to bring you only the best fishing in Dubai.

All our equipments are most up-to-date with technology, while our boats offer the navigation, fish finding and safety features too, as it is our primary concern to make your fishing trip a pleasant one. Our fleet will provide you angler with rod, reel, bait, tackle and fishing instructions. With all these, it is easy for even the amateurs to carry our fishing activity.

In fact, we offer fishing trips based on the specific needs of our customers. For those preferring rod fishing or those use of hand lines, bottom fishing, any service to avail. Fishing is done using a weight tied to the end of the line and hook in place just above the weight. With bottom fishing, you can get your hands on ground fish, like Emperor, Hammour, RabbitFish etc.

Avail our special packages, based on how long your need your fishing tour to be, and also based on the number of people.

Contact us at +971526418679 to rent a boat for your fishing trip in Dubai, and make your deep sea fishing trip a memorable experience.

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