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Dubai Marina, Dubai +971 4 430 6815
CharterClick is an online booking platform, that was created with a core idea of making online vessel bookings a reality.
With a main base in Dubai, CharterClick is your new destination for getting a yacht/speedboat/fishing vessel online.

Developed by a team of international developers, CharterClick lets you find a boat you need, instantly pay for it either with your Visa or MasterCard, and receive a booking confirmation to your inbox seconds after the payment.

You no longer need to reconfirm any availability with a charter company - every time slot you see can be booked without exceptions. So the next time you may need a boat, be sure to find it at

As a young team of professionals with a hospitality background, we have been observing a vessel rental business for quite some time now. We do strongly believe, that in this present day and age, even the most complicated task can be easily accomplished with just a couple of clicks, especially when everyone has a smartphone in their pocket.

That is why we decided to turn all our ideas into CharterClick, and start building world’s most convenient vessel booking service.

With increasing number of people willing to rent a yacht for a birthday party or a boat for a fishing trip, and with hundreds of renting companies across the world ready to cater to them, the only hitch is the dreadul process of hiring a yacht by contacting over phone, followed by numerous emails confirming availability on a particular date and time to the rental agent.

But, with at your disposal, booking a vessel for a specific occasion can be done in a few clicks, which makes it a lot more easier. CharterClick gives you all the required tools to control your booking from start to finish. You can choose from hundreds of vessels that are just a click away.

CharterClick has no hidden fees, so you know exactly what you are paying for. The ultimate mission of CharterClick is to become synonymous with the definition of vessel booking service – to become the easiest, fastest and most convenient place to start your water journey in just a few clicks.

Be smart - book online.

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