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The Iridium building Al Barsha, Dubai +971 50 9215908 https://oxmereattire.com/
Oxmere is a Dubai based brand started by Darakhshan Siddiqui, which is set to focus on luxurious and high-quality attire.
Offering a wide range of dreamy and sophisticated pieces from minimalistic ensembles to heavy embroidered dresses, Our effortlessly chic pieces are made from the finest material from French lace fabric to Italian linen while still including some of the most ethereal embroideries.

Our pieces revolve around femininity and confidence so that every woman can feel idyllic is what they wear whether it be for a woman who is more reserved and demure or a woman who is more fearless and bold. Customer satisfaction is and will always be our main priority along with individuality and creativity as we believe your opinion holds value and will always matter to us.

Welcome to the official OxmereAttire women's clothing brand. Discover the best Fashionable Clothes online at Cheap Rates. Start Shopping Now.

We also offer free delivery across the UAE.

Email: [email protected]
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