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Brand VIP Club

Lake Terrace,Cluster D,Unit 28,, Dubai +971 (0)44428042 https://www.brandvipclub.com
The Brand VIP Club has been established as a direct relationship with official dealers and distributors allowing us to offer you a range of authentic designer brands of best quality, with unlimited collection of sport, active and dynamic lifestyle accessories, including sunglasses and watches.
The Brand VIP Club offers you a range of authentic designer brands of the highest quality. Before going online, each product is checked for quality inspection to guarantee that it meets our authentic standards.

We have men's designer briefcases which includes a document compartment, tablet compartment, laptop compartment, shoulder strap and organized internal compartments. Luxury handbags UAE is a small handbag with double handle and shoulder strap zip fastening. All our products are new and have been carefully chosen and purchased by experienced purchasing team in Europe, and we always strive to look for the most attractive brand products at discounted rates.

Our top product categories include ties, sunglasses, watches, shoes, dresses, and jackets.

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