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Altearah Bio

Office 107 Deyaar Building, Al Barsha 1, Dubai 971 43995930 https://altearah.ae/
Altearah Bio Emotive Cosmetics
Altearah brings you a unique approach to wellness through Emotive Color Cosmetics that offer a range of essential oils, perfumes, and serums, colour coded, to help on your wellbeing by balancing the emotions.

Altearah was built on bridging unique approaches to wellness in a unified and cohesive concept, and we offer 14 unique and organic essential oil synergies, colour coded, to bring you personalized balance in your mind, body and soul.

Twenty years ago, we enlisted an expert in physics and olfactotherapy to find the perfect proportion in physics to match the wavelengths of colours to the unique formulas that we had created for ultimate wellness.

In the most perfect balance, our expert was able to locate the exact proportion of wavelengths to match the wavelength of the aroma of our 14 scents. The colour wavelength that matched each synergy’s vibration reflected in what would become the field of ‘chromotherapy’, or colour psychology, exactly what the specific skin, emotional, and physiological benefits that each formula was created to address.

For example, our blend of Ylang-ylang, palmarosa and bergamot, among other essential oils, was created to be relaxing, anti-inflammatory and stress-reducing, and the colour that proportionately matched its wavelength was Turquoise, which is known in colour psychology to be successful in producing serenity and to find calm, and is even used in the healthcare industry to soothe patients.

We aspire to be a personalised tool on your journey to wellbeing of the mind, body and soul, and to do so whilst upholding the highest standards for ethical and responsible production and process. Altearah is a woman-led company that whole-heartedly believes in the importance of responsible and environmentally conscious living and we embody this value on both ends of our supply chain.

The Altearah laboratory meets the most demanding standards of organic, wellbeing and cosmetics legislation, as well as global best manufacturing practices (BPF). We also source most of our ingredients from surrounding suppliers, who also commit to environmentally sustainable practices, always honouring low-carbon impact sourcing.
Altearah Bio

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