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Hub Of Consciousness

Villa B-7, District 7, Block B, Jumeirah Village Triangle, Dubai +971 507201552 https://www.hubofconsciousness.com/
Hub of Consciousness is that transformative fire – an initiative aiming to bridge the gap between you and a CONSCIOUS YOU, from yourself to the better self and from the better self to the higher self, by leading you into self-awareness.
Becoming conscious of anything that comprises the world in which you live always leads to more freedom and well-being. Transformation is one of the most grounded ways to expand consciousness, as the pursuit of real personal change help reveal all that is unconscious and limited in our self-experience.

Deepa Arora, says – “In my 15 years journey of being a professional psychotherapist and being on the path of my own spiritual awakening, I have often witnessed people unknowingly getting trapped in a Spiritual Bypass. When we repress negative emotions, fears, issues and urges, rather than working on them, they remain in our subconscious minds and seep into unhealthy relations, lack of money & abundance, anxiety or depression. This happens when spiritual insights are isolated into a kind of bubble and not integrated with one’s everyday life and relationships.”

Hub of Consciousness aims to tackle that – by providing you with the tools, techniques and platform to work towards your inner well-being, thereby combining the powers of psychotherapy and spirituality and integrating that in your everyday lives.

Be it cultivating meaningful relationships, releasing obstacles and limitations, attracting abundance or finding your true self, HOC helps you prepare a fertile land where the seeds of a happy and abundant life spur leading you to true inner consciousness and your authentic self.
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