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German Veterinary Clinic

Khalifa City, Sector 32 , Dubai 025562024 https://www.germanvet.ae/
The German Veterinary Clinic has been providing Abu Dhabi pets and their pet-parents with high quality, holistic and dependable care and customer service since 2008.
The German Vet Clinic is one of Abu Dhabi’s best veterinary clinic based in Khalifa City A. GVC was awarded the International Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic status in 2014 & have specialized in small pet health care. The German Veterinary Clinic provides the highest quality of veterinary care standards in the Abu Dhabi.

Our experienced, Fear Free Certified team of animal loving veterinary professionals is committed to providing every pet with the very highest standards of veterinary services and compassionate care. We offer services including pet behaviour and pet training, pet transportation, pet relocation and pet health care.

GVC was established by Dr Katrin in 2008 and was the very first veterinary clinic in Khalifa City A. We have known many of our clients and patients for close to 10 years and have always held the reputation of being a top quality, dependable and caring service provider.

E: [email protected]
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