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Arkan Legal Traanslation

1302-0172, 13th Floor, The One Tower, Next to Dubai Internet City Metro Station, Dubai 0507091633 https://www.legaltranslation-dubai.ae/
We are a professional legal translation company in Dubai that provides high-quality translation services from one language to another.
Arkan is a legal and law translation office in Dubai providing English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, Russian and Arabic legal translation services in Dubai through its Arabic Legal translators in Dubai and team of sworn translators certified by UAE Ministry of Justice

As a leading legal translation company based in Dubai, we specialize in providing accurate and reliable translation services tailored to the specific needs of legal professionals and organizations.

With a team of highly skilled linguists and legal experts, we ensure precise translations of legal documents, contracts, court proceedings, and other legal materials in multiple languages.

Our commitment to quality and confidentiality, combined with our extensive knowledge of legal terminology and procedures, makes us the trusted choice for law firms, corporations, and government agencies seeking seamless communication across language barriers in the dynamic business landscape of Dubai and beyond.

Email: [email protected]
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