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Big Red Adventure Tours

Dubai – Hatta Road, Sharjah +971 54 3111188
Big Red Adventure Tours offers dune buggy rentals in Dubai so that you can explore the stunning deserts, apart from buggy safari adventure tour packages.
Visit Big Red DXB to rent a dune buggy in Dubai and explore the stunning deserts. We offer the best desert buggy safari adventure tour packages with self-drive experience. We are currently the leading adventure tour operator in the UAE.

We live, breathe and thrive on adrenaline. That’s why we’re passionate about letting loose and sharing that passion with our clients.

By taking travelers on a wild journey through the expanses of the desert, Big Red gives people incredible holiday memories that will last a lifetime. We offer people the chance to see the real UAE – away from the lights and sounds of the city. And we’re honored that we get to take our overseas clientele to places they may have only ever dreamed about exploring.

At Big Red Adventure Tours, we genuinely believe that Dubai is a lifestyle. And a lifestyle that we are thrilled to offer you.

That right there is our WHY. Get in touch with Big Red today and join us on our next adventure!
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