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Camel Ride dubai

Talal Building 7, Al Karama, Dubai 55838393 / +971 56 632 7643
Camel Ride Dubai offers its guests an unforgettable vacation across the United Arab Emirates. Explore UAE through our exclusive tours and personalized services at most effective rates.
We have a tendency to square measure a team of skilled tour consultants with a range of tours provide. Explore UAE through our exclusive tours and personalized services. We have a tendency to assure you of extraordinary reminiscences which will linger for a period despite that tour package you decide for.

We offer the most effective rates of just about all hotels and residences in UAE , that maintain international standards and provide quality services.

The dedicated team, along side their insight of UAE and Sultanate of Oman offer ample expertise in handling many Special teams, Family teams, Business teams, University study visits, Film & Advertising.

Customized tour programs are offered, taking into thought the shoppers interest, budget and convenience. Furthermore provision of Visa Facilities, Direct building booking Services, Fleet of own Vehicles as well as Desert expedition four X four vehicles, Desert expedition Camp, Facilities for mass transportation etc square measure a number of of the exemplary services offered by Camel Ride Dubai.

We offer pick and drop facility for all desert safaris and sightseeing trips. Our online team is available 24/7 to answer to any queries that you may have.

EMAIL: [email protected]
Camel Ride Dubai

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