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Vendora is a Vendor Management Software that has everything you need to digitize processes and make better business decisions based on facts rather than assumptions.
Many organizations have a problem to engage with their vendors at every step. Especially when it comes to dealing with multiple vendors, it’s must to adopt Vendor Management tools that empowers you to deploy a structured Vendor on-boarding program and keep them self-sufficient.

With Vendor Management Software solution in place you could maintain a positive relationship, catch potential problems before they arise. Besides, be fully aware of, whether your vendors are aligned to set benchmark or target and see to if any course correction action needs to be taken from both sides to achieve common business goals.

Vendora, Vendor Internation Software from ANGLER Technologies is designed with customer interest in mind. This solution simplifies business processes and enables organizations to build a strong long- term relationship with vendors. Having an effectively managed and standardized vendor information base you could easily manage workflows, effectively communicate and make informed decisions that is integral for your business.

Using our Vendor Management software, OEM companies can maintain all contractors, contracts and manage the documentation associated with them to gain visibility & control. Integration of this system with other enterprise systems such as ERP & SAP. Implement our Vendor Management System vendor connectivity tool & save time, improve efficiency, and this in turn, improves the overall performance of your core business.

Our Product Features:

Manage Forecast, Purchase Order, Scheduling
ASN – Advanced Shipment Notification
Quality check
GRN – Goods Receipt Note
Invoice tracking
Two Way Messaging System (Ticketing), Auto Mailer
Vendor Review & Rating, Dashboard, Reports

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