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Capillary Technologies

Office #3904, One Lake Plaza, JLT Cluster ‘T’, Dubai 800-035-703-225
Capillary helps brands across the world deliver the future by using their existing infrastructure to identify and understand each consumer using technology.
Since 2008, Capillary has been at the forefront of the constant evolution in consumer experiences. At the time, according to the conversations Capillary co-founders Aneesh Reddy, Ajay Modani, and Krishna Mehra had with consumer brands, the biggest challenges they were facing was an inability to capture customer data, identify consumers visiting their stores and to communicate effectively with them.

Built on a big data platform, the Capillary CRM solution finally enabled brands to use their existing infrastructure to identify and understand each consumer, and directly communicate with them through mobile technology. Along with a revolutionary for the time, card-less, mobile first loyalty program, the SaaS solution closed the loop on customer acquisition, engagement and retention, finding takers across the world.

With the explosion of ecommerce in the following decade, Capillary addressed another major pain point brands were facing, which was to quickly, easily and reliably establish an online presence. With the acquisition of ecommerce platform provider, MartJack (Anywhere Commerce), Capillary helped brands deliver enriched online experiences with ease. Other products developments powered brands to look beyond just their physical stores or online portals and explore the multiple engagement and commerce channels that were emerging at the time.

As these interaction channels continue to evolve, providing a consistent consumer experience across all of them is becoming increasingly difficult for brands. As consumers expect a connected and seamless experience, Capillary has developed products that help brands get a 360° single view of customer and inventory across all channels, so they could stitch together previously siloed customer journeys with data, and build unified, cross channel strategies that deliver a consistent, omnichannel experience.
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