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Khibra Technologies LLC

office #205, Mezzanine floor, Hamsah A complex, Dubai 0565258274 https://khibratech.com/
Khibra technologies LLC is well established and successfully operating in India and UAE serving a client base of reputed and professionally managed business and other organizations, which spread across diversified sectors of the business world since 2013.
Khibra Technologies LLC is Dubai based company engaged in the business of software Research & development, ERP, Web Design & Development, Network & IT Infrastructure, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and Management, Computer Software Education and Training, Computer Hardware Trading such as computer system, laptop, POS system, printers, computer peripheral, and more.

Khibra Technologies LLC is a Dubai based company engaged in the business of

1. Accounting & inventory package
2. POS System & Software Solutions
3. Web design & development
4. SEO & Social Media
5. Computer hardware trading
6. Network & IT Infrastructure
7. Computer Software Education & Training
8. Software Research & Development


We help you to set up Point of Sale system easily. Our created PoS system eases the payment flow and makes order placement a convenient procedure for your customers.

You can take more smart decisions with our PoS software Dubai solutions by accessing real-time sales reports on the basis of discounts, items, and others.

Our system will also help you to adjust your inventory and add the descriptions of various items conveniently.

Grow your retail business with our POS system & software solution. One easy, efficient, and powerful POS system and software in the market.
Socialmedia PoSSoftware Socialmedia SEO webdesign PoSerp

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