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Simplex Himes

Suite no 310, Jumeirah Terrace Building, 2nd Decemmber Street, Jumeirah 1, Dubai +9714 320 4060 +9714 320 4060 https://simplexhimes.com
Simplex Himes is a leading Healthcare solution provider creating Intuitive, Intelligent and Integrated software for healthcare industry with patient-care in mind.
Simplex Himes is a leading Healthcare solution provider serving locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Jordan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, etc. and aims to create an ecosystem for healthcare professionals and patients to interact for a better tomorrow

Simples HIMES enables healthcare providers to adopt to the cutting edge technology available today. With an increasing number of patients demanding their physicians to be tech savvy in health communication, the services providers have to adapt and embrace newer technology.

But the challenge is to adapt to the technology even before it has matured. To ensure that data is always secure and that we stay atop the frequent updates in the technology. But Simplex HIMES is an technology-independent solution, not a technology dependent one. Our experts ensure to bridge the gap between technology and healthcare to provide swift and secure solutions.

Our foremost priorities have been to make patient care better and improve the business bottom line of our service providers. Every investment, action, effort, innovation and creativity is always directed towards these two vital goals.

Our team of incredibly talented professionals have managed over 2 million patient records and 200+ terabytes of data. We are expected to grow up to 10 million patient records and 600 terabytes of data by 2020.
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