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SharpEagle Technologies

Visit us: Office 402, 4th Floor, , Sobha Ivory Tower 2 Business Bay, Dubai - UAE, Dubai 971- 44.54.1054 http://www.sharpeagle.tv/
Advanced Safety Solution for organizations.
At SharpEagle, we are passionate about new tech. We love to innovate. Experiment. Solve problems. We provide advanced, robust technology solutions and state-of-the-art Intelligent Digital Screens for a wide array of clients in multiple sectors.

Our HQ and logistical support hub are in Dubai. But we have subsidiaries and an ever expanding network of distributors globally.

Our R&D gurus are dedicated to developing amazing new products that meet our clients' needs. And keep us at the forefront of the industry. We have all relevant international accreditations.

Every SharpEagle product undergoes strict quality control inspection. All our products have been passed CE, RoHs certification. The breadth of our service offering. Our backup.

The quality of the cost-effective technology we provide. Neat new ways to solve problems? We’ve got it. Customer service? You bet.

The net result is SharpEagle. On the run. 24/7. We survey. We assess. We consult. We install. We support. You get to benefit.We can prove it.


Ex-Proof CCTV System
SharpEagle provides Ex-Proof CCTV systems and installations services for Oil & Gas industry, Onshore, and Offshore Rigs. Our product range of Fixed and PTZ cameras are ATEX certified with marking for Zone 1 and Zone 2. We provide required control systems with cameras which includes Monitor, Controller, Armoured Cables, Connectors. They are designed to monitor & sustain in hazardous areas which are susceptible to explosions such as oil & gas plants, tankers & specific industry in offshore & onshore.

Forklift Camera & Sensor Solutions
Forklift causes more severe injuries in the workplace than any other kind of transport. According to the report by McCue, there are about 85 fatal accidents per year related to a forklift, 34,900 accidents result in serious injury; 61,800 are classified as non-serious!

SharpEagle’s Forklift Camera and Sensor solution make forklift drivers aware of their vicinity & blind spots thereby, preventing accidents which are more likely to occur due to poor vision.

Fork View Camera System
Forklift safety procedure is the topmost priority. The implementation of safety procedure leads to significant advantages, such as; higher employee satisfaction & increased productivity. Fork view cameras designed to avail proper visibility to the driver which contributes to workplace safety.

Forklift Speed Limiter

Forklift speed limiter monitors & controls the speed of the forklift up to the maximum safe speed limit via a microcomputer. The forklift speed limiting device, designed by Sharpeagle Technologies provides a warning alarm to the driver whenever forklift is about to reach the safe speed limit thereby, reducing accident & prevailing the safety measures at the work site.

Access Control System:
We the Sharp Eagle can install your access control system in Home, Office, building, & parking area. We are the system integrator in the field of access control system, that we can do any customize access control system project base on your requirements.
We can integrate access control system in your existing system like parking barriers, a reader ( short or long range), sensors, & etc.

Our team is highly trained individual and expert to execute the project.

Solar Camera

The Solar Powered CCTV System provides surveillance in remote & complex areas, working in extreme temperatures and highly corrosive environments to provide seamless HD monitoring for high security operations anywhere in the world.
SharpEagle provides the most comprehensive, reliable and professional security solutions. Being a renowned Specialized CCTV System Integration service provider, we offer phenomenal service for 4G Solar CCTV camera which includes design, installation, and maintenance.

Forklift Speed Limiter Fork View Camera System Ex-Proof CCTV SystemForklift Camera & Sensor Solution

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