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PO. Box 8885, Al Tallah, Ajman +971 6 731 53 53
Habitat School, Al Jurf, Ajman, is a prestigious institution that attempted to introduce a new model of schooling in Ajman and Umm-Al-Quwain for expat community.
Habitat School has attempted to introduce a new model of schooling in the Emirates of Ajman and Umm-Ul-Quwain for the expatriate community. A conceptual framework born in the minds of some youngsters from India, as per the plan initiated by my co-traveller Shamsu Zaman C T, the school was started with the idea of changing basics of learning and teaching in the cosmopolitan, natural and digital homes that schools are.

Our primary mission was to enable an affordable, good quality education for all students with ethical lessons, especially for the middle and low income expatriate families in the UAE. In line with this vision, we have invested in the best infrastructural facilities and trained human resources for our schools.

Our campuses try to be experience-rich and create diverse experiential interfaces for students ranging from exposure to farming on one hand to coding and programming on the other. It is our endeavour to adopt the best in latest educational initiatives; as a result, we have many firsts to our credit in the UAE. We keep a strong focus on nurturing values in our students, of sharing and caring for humanity around and the wider living world. We will continue to set new and exciting agendas in education in future as well.
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