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Cars Online

3109 Burj Khalifa, Dubai 97152777789
Cars Online is a leading car rental company in Dubai offering various services like car hire, cheap car rental, monthly car rental, and car lease in Dubai at affordable prices.
Established with a single objective of making it easy for customers to find a car of their choice for hire in Dubai and other emirates in the UAE, Cars online has been in this business for more than 12 years now.

It would be impossible to tour the city of Dubai without assistance of car rental in Dubai, as it would be like trying to find your way in a quagmire of rain, darkness and snow. With us, you may be assured that the prices we provide you are the most competitive and lowest in the market.

Whether you are just a visitor to Dubai, or whether you are here for work, you will surely need a car to take you around. Irrespective of the kind of car you need, we cater to the needs of every traveler in Dubai. We have been in this business for years now, and hence, whether you book a car in advance or on the spot, we ensure that you get a car to take you around in UAE. Majority of expats prefer to lease a car, rather than buy one, as they usually have to shuttle between Dubai and their home country. Moreover, purchasing a car would be an expensive option for them, considering that they would be in UAE only until their contract or visa is valid.

Cars Online is a flexible, local and strategic partner with an ever-growing portfolio of major car lease and car rental companies in the UAE. Our range of cars in the UAE and other emirates destinations, together with our multi-lingual team offers travellers the opportunity to make the best choice to suit your specific travel requirement. There is a car readily available anytime you need one, and we can also change or cancel your online car rental booking if required, with no extra fee.

We offer the most affordable hiring charges in the market. All the providers in our database are evaluated and scrutinized thoroughly to ensure that they meet our standards. Without charging anything additional, we make it easy for you to find all car hire service providers in UAE under a single roof, rather than finding them individually. Apart from offering car leasing just in Dubai, we also offer cars for hire at other airports in the UAE.
Car Rental

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