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Bnbme Short Term Rentals and Property Management

Suite 1602 B Prime Business Center (8,113.76 mi), AbuDhabi 971 50 872 6270 http://bnbme.me
bnbme Holiday Homes by Hoteliers offers best short-term rental and property management services for Dubai homeowners.
bnbme offers best short-term rental and property management services for dubai homeowners like you. We are a trusted and licensed management company and aim to help you manage your property and increase your rental revenues.

If you have a home to let and want the higher income and flexibility of short-term lettings without the hassle, we are the right service for you. Leave the responsibility of managing a holiday home to us.

With bnbme by your side, you can entrust your property and remain hassle-free, as we offer you M3 services (Manage your property, maintain your property, and market your property). We market your property in over 100 international websites, choose agents and VIP tour operators wisely, conduct guest screening, and offer yield management. To maintain your property we offer 5 star luxury housekeeping services, landscaping and pool maintenance for villas, do regular deep cleaning services, shampooing of carpets and upholstery, and hold planned pre-emptive maintenance.

Taking responsibility to manage your property, we register guests with DTCM, liaise with local vendors with the option of agreement remaining in your name, take care of complete guest experience management, linen management and inventory control.

We take no sign up charges, follow owners' first policy, and can complete entrust the property in our hands and it will be taken care of.

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