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Dr. Madiha Khan, MD

AL Faris Building. 39, Ground Floor, units 4,5 and 6, Dubai 971 4 514 4042 / +971 4 380 5430 https://www.madihakhanmd.com/
Dr. Madiha Khan is an American board-certified psychiatrist, skilled in evidence-based psychiatry, psychotherapy and women's mental health.
Psychiatry is an important part of medicine. Proper diagnosis and treatment can significantly improve general well-being and socio-occupational function. Moreover, It has a positive impact on personal and work-related relationships and helps maintain a healthy mind and body.

Dr. Madiha Khan is an American board-certified psychiatrist skilled in evidence-based psychiatry, psychotherapy and women’s mental health. She recognizes and understands that mental health issues in each individual are unique to them based on their physiology, personality and way of coping.

Moreover, she believes in collaborating with her patients to come up with the most effective treatment strategy, which may include any combination of medications, psychotherapy, or social interventions.

Services offered:

Initial Assessment & Consultation
Life Coaching & Mentor Ship Sessions
Medication Management

Let's vow to make ourselves a priority this year!
Let’s try to focus on the positive vibes around us and filter out all the negative thoughts from within.

Working Hours:
Sun, Tue & Sat: American wellness center.
Mon & Thu: Family First medical center.
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