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The Clavichord Music Lounge

Mezzanine Floor SOMEWHERE Hotel - Barsha Heights, Dubai +971 4 561 0637 / +971 4 561 0600
The Clavichord Music Lounge is a music lounge in Dubai, wherein you can enjoy a journey back in time, with lush sounds of old to contemporary Jazz music and live performances.
Enjoy a journey back in time with the lush sounds of old to contemporary Jazz Music and live performances while savouring every moment with a wide range of beverages alongside a menu of international tapas.This very Bar in Al Barsha can definitely live up to your expectations.

The Clavichord is a cozy music lounge where guests can enjoy a wide-range selection of food and beverages.There is plenty of live entertainment at the Clavichord arranged every night. Enjoy the festivities with mouth-watering menu at the Clavichord.

Its open daily from 5:00pm to 2:00am.
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