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Mentor Educational Consultant

P.O.Box 115234, (Near Noor Bank Station), Mitsubishi Building, M Floor, Office #1100 A, Dubai +971 4 338 9020 / +971 4 327 7005 http://www.mentoruae.com/
Mentor Educational Consultants Dubai is an expert in guiding students who plan to study abroad for bachelors or higher education.
Mentor Educational Consultants are a company of advisors with more than 18 years of experience offering students the best options to choose the right university for themselves or to choose their study destinations for their future.

Some of the destinations we offer access to are UAE, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, China, and Singapore. When applying to university, we ensure that our team guides you through every step during the process. We, as a mentor, can guarantee to help all our students in instilling confidence and ensure that their profiles benefit their education, and help in making their academic career choices easier.

Mentor Global Advisers are the most trusted overseas education consultancy in Dubai, offering Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test, that are open to students who require that extra help and reassurance when deciding on their future education plans and career choices. This study is based on fingerprint patterns, as these patterns are unique and are closely connected to one's genetic composition and nervous system. Such an analysis helps students in recognizing their skills, abilities, behaviour and future career options.

We believe in encouraging students to discover their potential and achieve excellence in what they do.Our services include academic counselling, organizing school events / seminars, and holding Multiple Intelligence Tests.

For detailed information visit www.mentoruae.com or email your queries to info@mentoruae.com

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