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Dance For You Studio

Вarsha Heights (formerly TECOM), Grosvenor Business Tower, 23rd floor, Studio 2306, Dubai 04 552 01 53 https://dubaidance.com/
This is where you can choose what you would like to learn, or start preparation for our special occasion.
Here at Dance For You studio, we have a unique interrelated method of teaching. You will get familiar with our 12 Dance Programs which are designed to give our students a good start off to a dance floor in just couple of weeks.

As we cater to all aims and goals from the beginners till the professional dancers, we design certain dance program as per the needs and enquiry from each particular student, to make sure that he will achieve his dancing dream in the shortest period of the time. We do have special customize and unique dance lessons for everyone.

We offer premium quality activities for those who have passion for ballroom dancing. The program we offer includes not only your private dance lessons, but also weekly Practice-Party-Sessions where you meet our other students , get the chance to dance with different partners and practice the moves you have learnt during the week under the supervision of your instructor, it also includes some complimentary Group and individual dance classes.Our key benefits for you include offering you variety of dance lessons, best educational programs, best dance teachers, flexible schedule and all ages and levels of dance experience

We teach dancing for a long time, this is something what will stay with you for many years, ones learned, you will use it at every party, celebration and social occasion..
Dance Studio

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