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RIC Banks - DEF Performing Arts and Training Centre

102 Al Zarouni Business Centre, Al Barsha 1, Sheikh Zayed Road- 1st Floor(level 1), Dubai +971 52 292 2356 http://www.ricbanks.com/
RICBanks DEF Performing Arts and Training Centre housing is a team of professional individuals to teach various sorts of Dance and Fitness Activities tailored for adults and kids.
Ric Banks grew popular in Dubai dancing scene within a short span of time. Founded by Ric, who is a skilled dancer and expert in leading and following technique, an innovative entreprenuer and an event organizer, is the founder of DEF, the Art and Performance Centre. Here, together with his team of professionals, he teaches workshops on various styles of dancing, from Bachata to Hip Hop, Kizomba, Wedding dances and corporate team buildings.

In a very short time Ric Banks became a strong name within Dubai dancing scene, recognised and respected by students and fellow professionals for his amazing abilities to lead, teach, create unique choreographies and entertain masses. His classes, workshops and events are extremely popular with high attendance and impressive number of followers.

DEF by Ric Banks Dance and Fitness Centre receives maximum for life, beauty and health! We gathered the best team for you! For those in Dubai who want more results!

“We created a really unique studio of dances and fitness in Dubai! These are not the different directions taken in a single building. This is a new, integrated smart approach to dances, sports, and life. The professional team of trainers will help you to achieve the highest results. A diverse training program will never be boring for you!”

Dance, train, live! Stay in shape with our dance and fitness classes.
jive bachata tango salsayoga

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