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Acube Infotech

Office # 205 Jumeriah Terrace Building Al Diyafah Street, Dubai 04-3300-251 https://www.acubeinfotech.ae/
Acube Infotech is the leading provider of best and cost effective RFID business solution in the Middle East region.
Acube Infotech L.L.C is a leading provider of simplified & cost effective business solutions in the field of RFID Technology in the Middle East Region.

Our core services include the development, implementation, and maintenance of customized business solutions that leverage advanced technologies. We in ACUBE believes that necessity is the mother of all innovation. ACUBE is promoted by experienced techno entrepreneurs.

The promoters has invested a decade in providing RFID and system integrated solution thereby building goodwill and commercializing state of the art RFID technology for various reputed organizations in the GCC.

ACUBE RFID application have proven track record of improving business processes where identification, authentication and automation are of prime concern.

ACUBE have partners with leading RFID tags, readers companies worldwide. We take prior expertise to provide quality services to our clients. Our people in ACUBE are multi skilled and multidiscipline offering clients a wide range of industry focused business solution.

E: [email protected]
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