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Isa Siggen Hypnotherapy

Isabelle Siggen , Jumeirah Park, Dubai 0556072558
Isabelle Siggen is a hypnotherapist and NLP human support professional in Dubai.
Passionate about psychology for a long time, a field in which Isa started her university studies, she is now fully trained in hypnosis and NLP and can support you effectively by providing you with the appropriate tools to push forward quickly with your own resources.

Born in Switzerland and expatriated in the United Arab Emirates for 9 years, she had the privilege and the advantage of practicing in both French and English in a multicultural environment.

Her personalized coaching method relies on your own resources, with the help of NLP and hypnosis aimed at developing your full potential. This method belongs to the same group as short therapy and, therefore, is different from psychoanalysis or long psychotherapy by its time limitation. In general, the accompaniment consists of 10 to 15 sessions.

The accompaniment will allow you to access all the information you have inside you. These information are stored and memorized, but are not necessarily accessible in a conscious way. They are stored in your experiences, your real life, your history, as well as in your fears. The brain’s storage space also contains what are commonly referred to as resources and capacities. These resources allow you to change and improve. However, few people are able to call on their resources, although they are very present. Through her practice and by inducing a modified state of consciousness, she will be your guide to allow you to access your resources and capacities.

Mail: [email protected]
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