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ABOU NAJA Intellectual Property

Al Huda Building, 101, 55 Street, POB 5337, Dubai 042822677
ABOU NAJA is an agency for intellectual property registration in Dubai, Trademark registration, Brand name, Logo registration, utility model patent in Dubai.
ABOU NAJA Intellectual Property is a global leader in IP laws based in the UAE. Our decades of continued success across the MENA region are fueled by our commitment to protect creations of the human genius.

ABOU NAJA Intellectual Property is committed to protecting forward-thinking ideas since 1971. Our practice has always been informed by our passion to make the world a more conducive environment for nurturing human genius.

Hence, our belief that original ideas should be protected from malicious intentions. This enables ideas to flourish and we forward the world by forwarding world-changing ideas.

Driven by our passion for protecting innovations, we devised a holistic approach that propelled us to stand above and beyond every expectation. Our Intellectual Story tells of countless Intellectual Property success stories.

We are always determined to adapt to any changes in the global conditions. Our adamant commitment to protecting ideas directs every step we take.

Expertise and excellence drive our services above every standard. Our team of highly accomplished lawyers and experts work hard to ensure that each client receives quality solutions for any of their Intellectual Property concerns.

E: [email protected]
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