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Panpush Laser Alignment FZE

Q1-08, Saif Zone, Sharjah +971561278791
Panpush Laser Alignment is one of the best laser alignment specialist companies in the UAE.
PANPUSH LASER ALIGNEMNT is the Laser Alignment specialist for all rotating equipment like pumps, motors, engines, compressors, gear box, cooling towers, generators, etc… in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi, Oman, Bahrain & Kuwait .

We provide our customers with efficiency, accuracy, transparency, flexibility and quality of service. We are the one providing very high quality Laser Alignment service at very low price in the UAE.

We provide services as follows:

• Laser Shaft Alignment
• Belt alignment
• Flatness Measurement
• Straightness Measurement

We provide a full range of laser alignment services across UAE and use of professional equipment and best materials in reasonable price at our company.

We have highly qualified and experienced technicians specialized in Laser Alignment.

Email: [email protected]
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