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Mazaya Business Avenue, Floor 5, Dubai +971 4 4489191
We sustain Healthcare Operations through Revenue Cycle Management Improvement and standardization of the Healthcare Data Quality and create professional expertise.
Knwbility is a home-grown UAE company that is expanding globally to upskill stakeholders in the revenue cycle management process, and is a member of the Pulse Holding Group, who have over 10 years of experience, knowledge and data managing the financial relationship between insurance companies and providers. The company has managed in excess of 20 million claims in addition the revenues of large hospital groups in the UAE and around the region.

Knwbility puts knowledge and capability into the revenue cycle management process. Revenue cycle management in a constantly changing market environment can create problems for providers of all sizes, with gaps in RCM knowledge resulting in higher than average denial rates. On average rejection rates for healthcare providers is approximately 15% of their total claims submitted to payors, meaning that a substantial sum of money is never reimbursed from payors due to either administrative errors, or incorrect clinical documentation that supports claim submission. In such a dynamic marketplace, current knowledge regarding how and why claims are denied becomes an important component in the management of the claims process. Knwbility provides knowledge that readies skilled RCM stakeholders for the workplace and bridges the financial gap between payor and provider, reducing denials and improving revenues.

The Knwbility Learning Management System (LMS) is a web-based platform that facilitates e-learning programmes to help improve the performance of healthcare provider employees. LMS also empowers managers and supervisors to promote professional growth opportunities for their employees.

• Organizes eLearning content in one location
• Provide unlimited access to eLearning material
• Easily tracks learners progress and performance
• Provides learner with flexibility to access course based on his/her convenience
• 24/7 Accessibility using-Desktop/Laptop/Smartphone
• Up-to-Date and immediate content availability
Billers and Auditors - RCM Consultancy & Audit ServicesCertification Training- Medical Coders

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