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Reliable Testing Laboratory (RTL)

P.O.Box : 211714, Jebel Ali Ind. Area 1, Dubai +971 4 885 2022 / +9715 2646 2987 https://www.rtlab-intl.com/
Reliable Testing Laboratory offers indoor air quality tests in line with local green building standards, providing accurate results dependable and reliable service experience.
Are you searching for the Indoor Air Quality Testing Dubai? Reliable Testing Laboratories offers Indoor Air Quality Tests in line with the local Green Building Standards? We provide Accurate Results Dependable and Reliable Service Experience.

Reliable Testing laboratories (RTL) was established with a clear mission to provide customers with a dependable and reliable service experience unmatched in this region. As the name suggests Reliable stands for accuracy of results and dependable, hassle-free service. At Reliable Testing Laboratories, we reckon the value of time and understand that our valued customers need their time to focus on the core business activities to maximize their own customer satisfaction and bottom lines.


Indoor Air Quality
Asbestos Testing
Dop Tests
Legionella Risk Assessment

Reliable Testing Laboratories guarantee our customers, by partnering with RTL, they will not be required to spare time to follow up on the processes of sampling, testing and reporting. Customers requiring regular service can sign up a contract with the required frequency and leave the rest to the efficient team of Reliable Testing Laboratories.

Accuracy of results is guaranteed at Reliable Testing Laboratory by a combination of competent , qualified and experienced personnel; hi-tech and premium brand of test equipment and instruments; implementing and maintaining a DAC certified Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 17025,a well formulated proficiency testing programme, staff training, and continuous improvement of the system through various means including customer feedback. At Reliable Testing Laboratory, all the processes are efficiently mapped and intermittent quality checks are carried out at each stage of the testing processes.
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