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P6 101, SAIF Zone, P.O. Box 8883 , Sharjah +971 6 557 8358 / +971 50 632 6556
To a brand, we offer the complete solution covering your end to end supply chain, from packaging or label supplier, your manufacturing or filling lines, your transportation and logistics, your distribution and retail to finally the end consumer.
Fasicuchain helps you demonstrate complete trust in your brands and products right across the supply chain, delivering a secure package or label which envelopes an authentic product. The solution is uniquely designed for labels, printing, and packaging.

Our patented copy & duplication proof F-Labels on your product have a Blockchain based digital code (F-Code) underneath, thereby offering a first to the world solution which brings together the physical and digital aspects of product provenance.

Our major services include Solution Choices Stack – Wide Range combining Authenticity Visibility & Interactivity as below:

Authenticity – FasicuChain irrefutably confirms genuineness and attributes of a package through supply chains, from Farm to Fork or Factory Floor to Consumer.

Visibility - Our platform allows businesses to make themselves, their products and supply chains more Transparent and Traceable.

Interactivity – The Package comes alive! Retailer, Consumer, Brand Owner, Loyalty marketer can all interact in a confidential or permissioned manner.

Brand Transformation – Direct interaction with the end consumers through offers, incentives, loyalty program, trade schemes, social media connect, influencers and industry professionals.

Contact Fasicuchain at +971 6 557 8358 / +971 50 632 6556 or write to us at [email protected]
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