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Barracuda Diving and Marine Service

P.O. Box 121507, Office 304, B8 Building, Al Barsha 1, Dubai 43549915 43549914 www.barracudaservice.com
Barracuda Diving and Marine Service offers commercial divers and working boats, marine services, logistics and operation management for variety of underwater works.
At Barracuda, we align our services with our contractor’s expectations, thus delivering tailored and more efficient solutions.

Barracuda Diving & Marine Service provides commercial divers and working boats, marine services, logistics and operation management for a variety of underwater works; block placing, screeding, geotextile, dredging, maintenance, inspection, surveys, installation, fabricating, welding, cutting, salvage and a huge variety of activities for boats, ships, marinas, ports and the construction of waterfront developments.

We are proud to be recognized by numerous companies for our quality of work, combined with our proactive attitude. We take pride in partnering with our clients to meet their objectives. Good experience and a strong company reputation places us in an excellent position to complete all your marine service requirements.

Barracuda aims to ensure core competitiveness and operational efficiency. It provides quality services in one of the most competitive global industries, so we keep our personnel, equipment and our operations to the highest standards, upgrading and improving and training along the way. Always developing innovative solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

We offer the following diving and marine services:

Underwater Investigations
Underwater Inspections
Underwater Surveying Works
Underwater Photography
Underwater Videography
Underwater CCTV with recording

Underwater Welding – in a variety of positions, including F4 (overhead)
Underwater Cutting & Burning
Underwater Fabricating
Underwater Fixing
Underwater Repair Work
Underwater Cleaning & Painting
Underwater Thickness Measurements
Underwater Drilling Works
Underwater Grinding Works
Underwater Jack-hammer Works
Underwater Pneumatic Works
Underwater Hydraulic Works
Installation of Underwater Pile Jackets (steel & HDPE)
Underwater Wrapping of Denso Tape on Piles
Deep Diving Salvages – anchors, chains, etc.
Maintenance of Ports, Marinas & Jetties

Equipment Rental – see below
Equipment Sourcing
Mobilizing Equipment
Silt Curtain/Netting Supply & Installation
Geo-textile Supply & Installation
Dewatering Pump
Dredging Toyo Pump 120 cu meter/hour
Concrete Floating Pontoon Supplies
Filling Station Machines

You can reach us at 43549915 or mail to a.qatawneh@barracudaservice.com
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