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Amplus Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Jafza View 18 and 19, First Floor, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai +91 9711829002 https://amplussolar.com
Amplus Solar is one of the largest Indian companies to provide rooftop and energy efficient solar solutions worldwide.
We have one of the largest portfolio of strong credit profiles with 300+MW contracted capacity, 100+ clients, and with 250+ dedicated professionals, Amplus caters to renowned Indian and multinational firms.

"Our core strengths include: -

a. Rooftop and Captive Solar: Rooftop or Ground mount solar power through long term leasing model.
b. Wheeling Solar Power: Wheeling Solar power to commercial and industrial customers based on long term lease.
c. Energy Efficiency Solutions: Pioneering Projects with projects with Battery Storage Solutions and Energy Efficiencies in India."

Amplus Energy is a leading player in the rooftop solar sector under the Ubix model in India and with more than 80 MW on the ground and ground projects on site in its portfolio and has established its own foothold in the solar photovoltaic site.

In the sector, the site has worked with clients such as Yamaha, Wilbur, Wal-Mart, HAL, TVS, ABB, Honda, Halliburton, HT Media, Butyl India, Domino and others. Some of its outstanding projects include the top rooftop solar photovoltaic plant in India from one 4 MW site to Yamaha Motors and 5 MW solar power projects to Wal-Mart and 15 best-priced stores in India and a 2.5 MW solar rooftop plant for India Marts Limited and Noida Grand and in addition to the projects on the roof, Amplus succeeded in operating the 3-phase PV power plant.

Amplus is famous for providing solar electricity in one of the lowest tariffs by ensuring minimum downtime and maximum generation of photovoltaic power plants on site.
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