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Orthosports Medical Center

Addiyar Building, 5-58b Street , Dubai 043450601 https://orthosp.com/
OrthoSports is a leading provider of best orthopedic care. We aim to make sure that you remain a healthy and fit individual, and towards that goal, we will help you.
There are quite a few facilities which claim to offer orthopaedic treatment, but there are few with the requisite experience and compassionate manner towards patients which are in existence. As the best orthopedic clinic in Dubai, we are proud to say that we have both of these essential qualities.

For more than 18 years, as the best orthopedic clinic in Dubai, Orthosports has been a forerunner as providers of the best orthopedic care. The technology we use, as well as our treatments and procedures are world class. Whether you’re an avid athlete, or simply an active person, Orthosports has the capability and technology to address all your tendon, ligament, and bone injuries. We always put our patients first, and we ensure that you get the care you deserve.

No matter what you need, be it a routine exam to emergency surgery, we can take care of your needs, and we will treat and diagnose all our patients with the care, empathy, and expertise they need.

What we bring to the table:

Almost 2 decades of experience as orthopedic/sports medicine professionals in Dubai.
Well trained and highly qualified employees.
A specially tailored facility equipped with the best technology.
A wide range of services which are tailored to your needs.

We aim to make sure that you remain a healthy and fit individual, and towards that goal, we will help you. We make lifestyle and risk factor assessments for our patients that include factors like volume of activity and overall health, as well as devise potential ways to avoid any future injuries. We can also help treat your injuries, alleviate body pain, and ensure that you are a completely satisfied patient. We are highly passionate and driven to provide you the best standard of care!
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