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K2 Mount

K2Mount, Dubai https://k2mount.com/
K2 Mount provides travel mugs of the highest quality.
It started with the concept of having a reusable cup that can be cleaned thoroughly. Most of the reusable mugs and cups in the market have springs and grooves, which can't be cleaned thoroughly.

Even some cups come up with fixed parts within lids and the inside of the cups, which can't be cleaned at all. Hence, it can be a health hazard due to bacterial growth and improper cleaning

Then we came up with the cup and lid, which can be separated and washed or cleaned thoroughly, including the silicon parts that can be separated and washed through with ease of fixing them back again

Our cup material is chosen carefully, and cups and lids have gone through repeated testing methods thousands of times to ensure we remain top for quality with high-quality powdered body paint coating to last long.

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