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Albert Socks

Unit 208, Level 1 Gate Avenue, DIFC - P.O. BOX 390302, Dubai +971 4 296 5416
We offer finest quality men’s luxury socks available in a wide range of latest designs and intriguing colors at Albert Socks.
Finest quality men’s luxury socks available in a wide range of latest designs and intriguing colors at Albert Socks. The perfect socks collection for the modern man that showcases style and confidence.

The exquisite fabrics sourced not only look impeccable but feel soft, lightweight and luxurious to the touch too. The socks are made with versatile materials that have been tested in the famously wet and cold weather of the Scottish Highlands, to the hot and humid climates of Caribbean islands and Middle Eastern dry deserts. Our Cotton Lisle (“fil d’ Ecosse”) is made from the finest Egyptian cotton in Giza, while our premium models are made with Sea Island Cotton for added softness. They have been made to last, no matter where you take them.

Each pair of socks is not only made from the highest quality materials but made by highly skilled craftsmen too. Every step of the manufacturing process takes place in Italy’s traditional sock-making workshops, using traditional processes that have long been respected and admired across the world. Each sock is made with the highest level of craftsmanship, with years of experience and expertise going into each pair.

We offer over 70 different style of sock, and around 40 different colours. There is a sock design and colour palette to suit everyone and every outfit, so every man can look immaculate and feel fantastic. Furthermore, excellence should be accessible, so our socks come at a range of affordable prices.

Make a one-time purchase to experience our socks for yourself, or sign up to our Sockscription service and receive fresh new socks on a regular basis. Our socks also make the perfect gift for friends and family, especially when you make the most of our special gifting service.
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