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Chasing Zest

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Chasing Zest is an online magazine inspiring an active, outdoor lifestyle in the Middle East & beyond.
Chasing Zest is your own personal inspiration website, full of features about how to embrace an active, outdoor lifestyle; ideas that will leave you feeling invigorated and yearning for more.

With categories including, but not limited to, fitness, travel, nutrition, wellness, and adventure, as well as interviews with people who have gone out there and grabbed life by the horns, you are guaranteed to find something that appeals to you and speaks to your very core. We are not all natural yogis, runners, off-roaders or cyclists, but together we share the same spirit. One of facing challenges with a “bring it on” attitude, of doing our very best, and of enjoying the journey that our hobbies take us on.

As expats, it can be hard to make a home or feel a sense of community. This can often result in just going through the motions – living from day-to-day without ever really discovering or exploring what is beyond our own micro-world.

Chasing Zest aims to make the out of reach accessible, the “I can’t do that” into “I never thought I was capable of doing that…until now”, whilst forging a community of like-minded people who can all draw upon each other for support, advice, inspiration and new experiences.

In short, Chasing Zest is about finding what makes you feel alive, re-energised and excited, and sharing it with others. We hope you enjoy this phenomenal journey that may even lead you out of your comfort zone and beyond.

Chasing Zest’s mission is to encourage our readers to embrace an active, outdoor lifestyle. To do this, we rely a lot on our audience and team, who contribute motivating stories and reports from a huge range of activities.

Our experts are an extension of this idea of community involvement, with the difference being that they are fully qualified in their respective fields. After all, it’s important to us that our readers receive only the best advice from professionals with a wealth of experience.
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