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New Life Steel Trading

P.o Box : 91239, M - 10, Mussafah, AbuDhabi 971 2 - 553 5995 http://www.newlifesteeltrading.com/
New Life Steel Trading is a provider of cost-efficient valves and is one of the trusted butterfly valve suppliers to different marine and oil companies in UAE.
A butterfly valve is one of the common valves used regularly in the plumbing process. It stops or controls the flow of liquid that comes through pipes. The mechanism of the butterfly valve is designed in a simple way so that every layman can use. You will come across a number of butterfly valve suppliers in UAE. Plumbers mostly use the butterfly valves in UAE as it is readily available and the system to operate it is very basic.

While selecting butterfly valves you can pick from the three available options of the valves that are available in the market:

Wafer-style butterfly valve: This butterfly valve is designed in a way that can restrict the unidirectional flow of water. The built-up of this valve is quite simple and consists of an o-ring, a gasket, flat sealing disc, steam sealing.

Rotary valve: The mechanism of the rotary valve is almost similar to the wafer-style butterfly valve. The only difference in both the valves is that the rotary valve has pocket discs for sealing fluid instead of a flat sealing disc.

Lug-style butterfly valve: These butterfly valves in UAE are different from the other two valves. The body of the valve has threads on both the ends of the valve.

Because of the design, you can install the lug-style butterfly valve into a water system with the use of bolts alone. With the installation of this valve, one end of the piping system can be restricted without hindering the other end of the system.

Butterfly valves in UAE are designed to meet the rising demands in various fields like petrochemicals, waterworks, power industry etc. People opt for these valves instead of other valves because of their durability and reliability. Maintenance cost involved with the butterfly valves is also minimal.
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