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Yinyang Connection Massage Center

Al Safa, Jumeirah Shop No 8 & 9 Al Ferdous 4 , Dubai 971 4 358 8838 / +971 4 344 4211 / +971 4 385 5155 https://yinyang.ae/
Yinyang is a luxury spa in Dubai that aims to provide traditional chinese treatments that is rooted in healing traditions of Chinese traditional therapies.
Looking for a great massage in Dubai? Yinyang is a luxury spa in Dubai that aims to provide traditional Chinese treatments rooted in the timeless healing traditions of Chinese traditional therapies.

Yinyang Massage Center in Dubai is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), where patients are treated as a whole; rather than local pathology. Our expert therapists help eliminate the pathogenic factors to relieve symptoms.

The specialised massage techniques regulate physiological functions to enhance the innate healing ability of the body and ensure a full recovery. The two aspects which are known as “dispelling pathogens” and “supporting healthy energy” respectively are the primary therapeutic principles of TCM that are followed at Yinyang.

The Chinese Yinyang theory forms a basic guideline of the TCM holistic approach. At Yinyang connection our goal is to correct the imbalance and resume harmony of the body.

Yinyang Group has come a long way since its inception, beginning with a small business. Maintaining an open, sincere and confident relationship with our customers, business partners and associates has enabled us to grow exponentially over the last decade without compromising on quality of the products and the services that we render.

Our success is built on continually striving to engage in proactive and productive relations with our customers and partners alike and we are always on the search to forge new relations and expand the possibilities to serve new customers.

Find your path to wellness and longevity at Yinyang Connection Massage Center in Dubai.

Our other branches:

Jumeirah Road,Beach Center, 1st floor
T: +971 4 344 4211

Jumeirah Road, The Village Mall, 1st Floor
T: +971 4 385 5155

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