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LayerX 3D Printing Products Production CO.

Unit 04, Essa Aman Ware House, Dubai Investment Park -2 DIP2, Dubai +971 4 718 7132 +971 4 718 7132 https://layerx-3d.com/
We are a multi-faceted Design and On demand Manufacturing company.
Headquartered in Dubai, we are the leading Digital manufacturing company, providing end to end manufacturing solutions. We employ 3D Prinitng (Additive Manufacturing) Technologies and other cutting-edge methodologies for our manufacturing and fabrication of Metals and Plastics.

We use 5 different types of 3D Printing in house – FDM, SLS, SLA, CJP and Polyjet technologies. we undertake complete turnkey projects from concept stages to product development to manufacturing in small scale or large volumes including some of the traditional manufacturing methods.

We employ top quality post processing techniques and along with master craftsmen experience to bring the best finish and aesthetically appealing products and models.

Apart from the new 3d printing technologies, we work closely with our sister concerns and parent companies to produce in FRP, Metal fabrication for large and out door projects.

As a leading 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) company, we provide a completely integrated design-to-production service including, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, additive manufacturing of production parts. finishing and scale model making (both small and large sizes)

Clients include design consultancies and product designers and design engineers in the pharma-medical, oil and gas, automotive, aerospace and consumer manufacturing sectors, visual Merchandise and many more.

E: [email protected]
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