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Spiralite Ductwork

Plot No. TP070609, National Industries Park, PO Box 13, Dubai +(971) 04 880 6605
Spiralite is the world's 1st energy efficient ductwork that is 85% lighter that regular GI metal duct.
Spiralite is the world's 1st energy efficient ductwork that is 85% lighter that regular GI metal duct. It delivers up to 48% savings in energy, space and time. Spiralite is recommended for all commercial and residential heating, ventilation & AC (HVAC) projects in the UK and UAE.

We must build suitable structures for the future, reduce our carbon footprint and use both new technology and new ideas to use energy more thoughtfully. It’s a very clear message which has now been embraced by an increasing number of project consultants around the world, by the UK, Emirates & Singapore Green Building Council, and international sustainability certification organizations.

Spiralite enables optimal energy efficiency and sustainability, with the associated cost savings and other benefits to achieve BREEAM, Energy Performance Certificates and similar requirements; in short, Spiralite continue to contribute to reducing carbon emissions in the future making sure that the building is future-proof as we move towards a low-carbon economy. As a commercial property developer, owner or investor, it is also worth considering Spiralite for refurbishment and retrofit projects.

Here are some benefits:
- Offsite fabrication improves quality and reduces waste.
- Quicker and easier delivery to site and manual handling.
- Optimal fire properties for a standard insulation material.
- Optimal thermal properties for a standard insulation material.
- Enhanced acoustic performance.
- Quick and easy variations and repairs.
- Quick and easy defect rectifications.
- Less accumulation and adherence of dirt; easier to clean and less regular cleaning required.
- Optimal airflow performance from rounded shape, airtightness, pressure resistance, lower static friction and pressure drops.
- Internal connections and built-in vapour barriers allow no thermal bridging and condensation.
- Phenolic insulation is >90% closed cell and non-porous, so negligible degradation from moisture.
- Chemically resistance to chlorine and sodium chloride and all other common chemicals, so ideal for swimming pool and
maritime environments.
- Significant health and safety advantages – no sharp edges, inert materials, no VOCs, no hot cutting, no heavy lifting, easy
working at height, etc.
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